Autumn Is Here

OCTOBER 20, 2015 by ARNO

This image was inspired by the beautiful motion and vibrant colors of the falling leaves in autumn.

The equipment used to create this image was the Fujifilm X-T1 camera body with the XF16mm f/1.4 lens attached, a tripod, an iPhone attached to the flash hot shoe, and the Triggertrap Mobile Dongle & Connection Cable Kit. After framing up the scene I placed one leaf on a wire, focused on it, and took the photo to be used as my base image. Without moving the camera or changing any of the settings on the camera I set the Triggertrap software to capture motion and started blowing leaves around the camera.

The eight images were brought into Photoshop as layers where the parts I didn’t want in the image were masked out. To style the photo, the layers were merged and then taken into ON1 Photo 10 where the following filters were applied: Sunshine, Color Enhancer, Vintage, Motion Blur, and Dynamic Contrast. Lastly, some image clean-up and a bit of saturation were added in Photoshop.

Camera settings: ISO 200, exposure 1/300 sec @ f/2.0 with the exposure bias set to – 1 EV


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