Dilapidated Barn

OCTOBER 8, 2014 by ARNO

Old Barn In Feild

Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA. 2014

Like every other landscape photographer I know I find it difficult to pass up photographing those stark, old, dilapidated buildings you can see on just about every rural back road in the U.S. I found this one on a recent trip to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. At least twice a day for nearly a week I would drive by this abandoned barn out in the middle of the meadow. With each pass, I tried to imagine the best way to set up taking this shot. Finally, near the end of the week and with a couple of extra hours to spare, I headed back to the barn having decided to focus on highlighting the rich colors and textures of the wood. Unfortunately, having become so fixated on the barn I forgot to scope out the intervening terrain. What I thought was a shallow easily traversed stream quickly had me up to my knees in cold running water. But hey, I was committed. In for an inch, in for a mile. So with waterlogged shoes and pants, I forged ahead. I am glad I did.

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