Exploring The City Of Seoul

MAY 25, 2015 by ARNO

Exploring Seoul

Seoul, South Korea. 2015

The Streets Of Seoul – Part 2

My day exploring the streets of Seoul continued. After leaving the Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market I grabbed a quick bite to eat from one of the many street vendors and headed to Gwangjang Market. Once again a small misunderstanding between the ticket I purchased from the machine and the gate letting me pass postponed me from catching my ride. Luckily this time the man working at the station was able to help me out by letting me through and pointing me in the right direction.

Gwangjang Market is an old traditional market that has everything from traditional food (which all looked delicious), to trinkets & souvenirs, to textiles. It’s very big, very crowded, just a bit noisy and yet it’s such a wonderful place to visit.

If you enjoy people-watching, this is the place to go. I got the sense that while it’s a popular place for tourists, most of the people there were locals just out living their everyday lives.

After a few more hours of exploring the sights, I decided to relax at a coffee shop before heading back to Seoul Station and eventually Incheon International Airport. This time I did catch the Express train. It did not stop at every stop and the seats were super comfortable…

Tip: If you are flying Korean Air you can get a discount on your Express train tickets at both the airport and Seoul Station. I believe it cost me 6,600.00 Korean Won or about $6.00 USD each way.

Taken with the X-T1 by Fujifilm X-T1 and stylized in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Perfect Photo Suite 9.5 by on1.

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