Image Use Request

Commercial Use

Images may be licensed for commercial use upon request. License fees vary depending on the use. Please contact me with your request.

Non-Profit/Classroom Use

Registered non-profit organizations may be able to license my work at discounted rates, or free of charge, depending on the context of use. Prior permission is required before use. Please contact me with your request.

Educational classroom use by students, teachers, and researchers is free of license fees and does not require prior permission. If the project involves posting photographs on the Internet, images must be accompanied by a visible photo credit and a link back to

Social Media/Blog Use

Commercial use of my photographs on social media (Facebook, twitter, blogs, etc.) requires a licensing agreement. Please contact me with your request.

Social Media/Blog

Personal use of my photographs on blogs, websites, and social media sites does not require prior permission provided that all images are accompanied by a link back to Failure to attribute an image properly may result in a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown notice to the web host and legal actions.

All Other Use

Journal, technical, or any other use of my photographs must obtain permission before use. Please contact me with your request.

Please include the following information with your request.
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Other Use (please describe below)
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